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Luke Thompson Acquires Link Shortening Platform

Hey everyone!

I wanted to take a quick second to share an exciting update with you: I've recently acquired a super tiny link shortening SaaS platform! If you're not a total nerd like me, your next question might be "What is a link shortening SaaS platform?"

A SaaS platform stand for Software as a Service. If it's a cloud-based web application that provides a service, it's a SaaS.

If you have a crazy long link and you want to shorten and clean up a little, you may have used a platform like Bitly or TinyURL to shorten it for you. But depending on the platform, you're quite limited in what you're able to get before digging into some higher tiered paid features.


What are the benefits of using a link shortening platform?

There are a number of additional benefits of using a platform like this, that goes way beyond simply condensing a URL. Let's jump into some of the main features!

Feature 1 - Link In Bio

Instantly create a mobile-first landing page link to promote your other websites or platforms with tons of available options to customize and match your existing brand.

Feature 2 - Enriched Tracking Analytics

You can know exactly how many clicks you're getting, who's clicking, and where they're coming from! This is a really easy way you can track the effectiveness of your posts on platforms that don't natively provide those for you.

Feature 3 - QR Codes

And lastly, you can easily generate on-brand QR codes for a wide number of different uses. As a bonus, you can still have all of the sweet sweet analytics through the QR codes that you would have in a traditional link.

But the features don't stop! There are also some really cool additional things such as:

  • Password protected links

  • Custom splash pages and call to actions

  • Custom branded domains for your shortlink

  • Team features for shared analytics

My main goal for this platform right now is to get as many active users as possible. That will then allow me to be able to find ways I can optimize and grow to the next stage! As a result, for a limited time I'm offering free access to the Premium plan of this service.

To get in for free, all you need to do is: 1. Create a new account on the website, here.

2. Complete this basic form, here. Once you do that, I'll be notified and will upgrade your account to a Premium plan for life!

I'm very excited about this new little side project and I'm looking forward to using it to provide value to you and your organization.

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