• Luke Thompson

How LastPass Changed My Life

We all have those few things that hold an extra-special place in our hearts. For you, maybe it's your pets, your love of Taco Tuesday, or that special someone waiting for you at home.

For me, it's LastPass. (Edit: But for real, It's actually my wife.)

With the explosion of the information age that is still currently taking place, our digital lives are now more complex, more confusing, and more convoluted than ever before.

With that, comes managing hundreds (literally) of different accounts across my digital life. Sure, 4 or 5 can manage to have decent security. But if I'm being honest, anything after major bank passwords pretty much takes a backseat to my crappy third and fourth-string passwords.

What is LastPass?

LastPass is an all-in-one account management solution that follows you across all of your devices. It may sound scary at first, but once you realize the actual implementation of how secure it actually allows you to be, you might just change your mind on that.

"But Luke, How did LastPass Change Your Life?"

I'm so glad you asked.

-All of my individual accounts are more secure and less vulnerable to attacks because my passwords are able to be more complex. A single password is never used twice.
-I never have to worry about forgetting a username or password again, because they're all securely stored inside of My Vault.
The cross-device support is extremely fluid, so whether I'm on my desktop or my mobile device, I know I'll have access to my accounts whenever I need it.

How can LastPass Benefit my Organization?

Whether you're a #startup, #corporation, or non-profit, LastPass can help you better (and more securely) manage all of your business accounts in one convenient location.

One of my favorite features is building out shared folders by team and department.

Through using shared folders and administrative privileges, you can completely customize who has access to what and it has been a complete game-changer for the company I operate.

You can even get so specific, that the user can have the account access via LastPass but they themselves don't even know the password since it auto-fills the information for them. This prevents highly sensitive data from being able to be leaked or shared through this user, while not inhibiting their access to the account.

If you're getting closer to implementing this across your team, you might have some questions like: "How do I increase security without impacting productivity?" or "How do I make password security effortless?"

There are a vast amount of answers to these questions, as well as resources (and shiny infographics) that you can access by visiting their homepage.

You know how I love my free software. While the business model is paid, they do offer a free account for individuals to use. Sign up and try it out. If you find it helpful, consider adopting it for your organization to increase your security!

What software or system has changed your life or the way you work? I want to hear about it! Hit the "contact" button at the top of the page and let me know.

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