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1 Million Impressions for $0 | My Strategy for Creating Value-Driven Content to Grow my Audience

So you want to increase your sphere of influence? Good. You're in the right place.

I love marketing. I love building things. And I love the social component that is woven through everything in life. Some view them as a necessary evil, but I view them as a way to truly bring value to a group of people that appreciate what I have to offer them.

And you can do the exact same thing in your space!

I'll be focusing on LinkedIn for the majority of this article, but the same principles apply across platforms.

1,000,000+ organic impressions and 16.1K engagements for $0 in ad spend. You simply have to know your audience and know your content.

A screenshot of my LinkedIn Impressions / Engagements for the past 365 days.

Niche down

Don't try and be everything to everyone. Know who you're talking to and what their interests are. This is a crucial step because it will inform through what lens you view the content that you create and publish.

If my target persona that I'm trying to bring value to is identified to be Visual Effects Artists and Operations Professionals, I'm not going to post job openings for Electricians in my area. Sure, that could maybe help someone, but a job opening for a VFX Artist would be much more applicable, while also not diluting the value that I'm sending directly to someone's timeline.

Again, know who you're speaking to.

Give value

Give value.

Give value.

Give value.

And then maybe you can ask.

If your primary focus on an interaction is only "What do I get out of this?" you will have a broken view and will end up with a poor result. Instead, if your mindset can shift to "How can I help?" or "What can I add?", you will become known for helping others and not being a total jerk.

In turn, this will also increase your desired outcome and the probability that you will actually be able to leverage your relationship with that person later down the line. This makes me think of that scene in The Office where Dwight brings in doughnuts to hand out and then says "but remember... you owe me one!" in hopes that he can cash in on a much larger favor later.

Don't quite do that, but doors will naturally open for you a lot more if you're not a jerk. And that's just a fact!

Some of the simple ways you can give value are:

  • Create a post celebrating someone you've worked alongside this week with a positive shoutout for something they've done.

  • Talk about what you're learning or the books you're reading.

  • Upload a selfie and introduce yourself. Talk about what you do!

  • Offer to give free advice to those in your network. Feedback on resumes, reviewing demo reels, etc. Bonus points if this also is a part of your specialization or skillset.

Have a system

To maximize your return on the amount of effort you're going to be putting into your strategy, you first need to have a proper system in place. This is an area where you can refine ideas, create a backlog of content, and jot down notes for future things to make. From here, you can also categorize what posts did well that you'd want to reuse again in the future.

Nobody knows your content like you know your content. And chances are that a single post isn't even enough for your followers to actually see it. Because of this, you can regularly work reposting into your strategy to maximize the return on the time you spent making it in the first place.

Mine looks something like this inside of Asana:

This is also where I can pipe in some automations, like to directly send new ActionVFX product videos into my "Favorites" section for directly uploading later. There are really a lot of possibilities you have when being able to just keep organized in some capacity.

I've also started providing a theme for each day of the week to help me create my own prompts and make sure that they are valuable to my followers.

My current list (that I sometimes completely ignore) is:

  • Monday - Educate

  • Tuesday - Inspire

  • Wednesday - Interact

  • Thursday - Tool Talk

  • Friday - Visual Effects

  • Saturday - Technology

  • Sunday - Behind The Scenes

Just start

If you've made it this far into this article, you're probably at least generally interested in getting started or continuing on your journey of growing your online presence.

If you've never started before, start small.

Commit to posting at least one full work week, Monday through Friday for an entire week.

If you've already been posting for a while and are ready to up the ante, commit to a 30-day challenge to post at least once every day for 30-days.

I promise you that it gets easier and becomes a lot more natural as time goes on. Also, make sure that you've optimized your LinkedIn profile to maximize your discoverability and you'll be right on your way!

If you're looking for additional resources for generating a lot of branded interactive content for your own channels, consider checking out my Social Media for Entrepreneurs template pack. It includes over 50 templates and prompts for you to be able to quickly create new content!

For a limited time, you can use the promo code: SOCIAL on checkout to get the pack for FREE.

You can view some of the examples below!

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