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Jan 10, 2023 - Jan 24, 2023

14-Day LinkedIn Bootcamp

  • 15Days


Welcome to the 14-day LinkedIn Bootcamp! What if I told you that LinkedIn wasn't just that place where people go when they're looking for a new job? What if I told you that when done properly, you can have direct access to build personal relationships with the top players inside of your industry? LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professionals to connect, showcase their skills and experiences, and grow their careers. However, in order to truly see the benefits of LinkedIn, it's important to be consistent in your usage and engagement on the platform. In this course, we will be focusing on how to be consistent and get the most out of LinkedIn as you continue to develop yourself professionally. After this Bootcamp, you will have: -Over $100 in new tools and templates for managing your online presence and creating content more quickly. -Completely optimized your LinkedIn profile in "Creator Mode" so that you have the additional features like having followers instead of just connections, the ability to write articles and do LinkedIn newsletters, etc. -A working pipeline for managing and ideating content you're working on before posting. I.E. The luxury of planning your content ahead of time. Requirements: -No previous experience needed. -Less than 30 minutes of effort per day for the duration of the 14-day period. It doesn't require you to be online at a specific time, but the content does build on the progress of the previous day.




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